The ExitStore – Exit and Emergency Specialists

In The ExitStore you can find a lot of emergency signs, like emergency lights. They carry many types of emergency lights, decorative, industrial, indoor, outdoor and hazardous location rated. You should take a moment to look through the various types as the vary in wattage, voltage, capacity, and construction. Some unites have special capabilities such as remote capability, self-diagnostic testing, and various component add-on upgrades. Some examples of emergency lights:

  • 7.2 Volt, 10 Watt LED Emergency Light
  • Low Level Led Security Illumination
  • Architectural Recessed Ceiling or Wall Emergency Lighting with Battery Included.
  • Etc.

You should think in prevent damages with emergency lighting of the ExitStore.

Also the ExitStore can be your source for all types of Braille exit signs. The signs come standard with eight colors swatch options and can be customized online. They also have Braille restroom signs available. If you need some more and to not see what you are looking, you can contact with them and they will quickly meet your needs.

Some examples of Braille Exit Signs:

  • ADA Exit Sign Placard with Braille Tactile
  • ADA Exit Route Placard with Braille Tactile
  • ADA Exit Stair Down Placard with Braille Tactile
  • ADA Classroom Placard with Braille Tactile
  • Etc.

The ExitStore is the best web for find Exit and Emergency signs with accessible prices.