Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an online repository of cocktail recipes, with a lot of mixed drink recipes, here you will find detailed instructions and cocktail making tips. Our drinks guide will help you to make a drink specials for a private party or if you are a bartender or for your friends. This guide is order alphabetically; find the perfect recipe that you are looking and make the perfect drink.

Do you like the parties? Do you like go out to the Club? Do you like the alcohol? Do you like make excellent drinks? If your answer is Yes, so you have to know and learn the words that can be used in the process of make a drink. For that you canlearn about the different beers, liquors, brandy, and more in the drink dictionary, with this dictionary you can learn de definition of words like:

Aquavit, (42% alc./vol.) Is a caraway flavored spirit (it is sometimes neutral in flavor). It is made from grain or potato alcohol and flavored with caraway seed. It is clear, colorless and is produced in Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden). Best enjoyed straight up cold, on the rocks, in mixed drinks and cocktails. Blends well with fruit juices, club soda, ginger ale, vermouth and herb liqueurs.

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